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About us

We started Umecom with the Kringloop+ concept in Schipluiden, but we have since moved on. We now have a separate, professional space for sale at Distributieweg 50 , 2645 EJ in Delfgauw (Delft-South).

We have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years: the first years in the retail sector, then about 15 years with an internet agency/e-commerce. So, understanding of sales in general and online in particular: web marketing and SEO.

With this knowledge and experience, we are now busy every day to efficiently publish your surplus items on the internet and to maximize the chance of a good sale. And we do that no cure, no pay !

Where necessary, collected items are 'refurbished' (= cleaning, repairing, making as new) for a new, second life, with which we also help everyone: client, buyer and the environment.

From the founder..

Opgeruimd-earned.nl is actually a hobby that got out of hand. As an entrepreneur I have over 20 years of experience; first retail, later with an internet agency, to finally get started with Umecom via e-commerce.

Because I know my way around the internet and the way you sell stuff (online), I turned out to be quite successful with the sale of our own surplus stuff, which had been in the shed for far too long.

When friends and family saw this, I was increasingly asked to sell unnecessary things for them via the internet, from the shed next to our house. This is how Umecom and the Opgeruimd-Verdiend.nl concept came into being.

In this way we have already sold many hundreds of items and a streamlined process has been made. We are also happy to help you with the sale of your business. Always for the win-win (= You & Me Commerce)

Use it to your advantage!


As the founder of Umecom BV, I did not have an average career.. Like many, I walked out at the end of high school with the question 'what now?'. I liked technology and tinkering, so it was going to be Mechanical Engineering. But, learn to shoot for a year first. Browning, UZI, FAL and MAG .. Nice stuff, weird application.

And then you are Wtb-er / Product Developer, but not yet a satisfactory answer to 'what now?' To bridge the time, get started at the largest PC retailer. Rotterdam office. Technical service. Soon too limited. Retail is nice. Startup GSM retailer. Own branch in Delft. Nice, but too little 'tinkering'.

2000. Via brother in the world of the internet. Own full-service BV. 2013 .. shift of ambitions. Company sold. ICT secondment and e-Commerce. Error in partners. Yet again yourself. Back to basic. What do I like, what am I good at? Sales, crafts, logistics and .. concept development. How are we going to earn something? With respect!


Umecom as a company name, was conceived as a combination of 'You & Me Commerce'. As a caption and for practical reasons, this text has not been part of the logo for some time, but means something like 'sales that must be interesting for all parties'. Core condition for a good feeling and a long-term relationship!

The underlying idea, as I once described it: Money is important, commerce is inevitable! But with a fair, responsible relationship between price and performance (or product) and with respect for each other and our world!

Unfortunately, we see that the proportions and respect referred to here are increasingly hard to find. We've had our share. I can write a book about it. And so I'm going to do that. But, you will have to be patient for all the spicy details. Improving the world starts with yourself .. and, why not commercially?

So Umecom. Started as a hobby, from the shed next to our house. Our own household effects, others' household effects. It gets very full. I suggest refurbishing, selling and sharing the proceeds where necessary. It's going well. There is a need for this! Strange people at the door: do you sell household effects on consignment? Of course we do!

Estate agent

2015. Next company is born. So cycle, but which (you) yields something. Profile like this. Cycle+. Cleaned-Earned. Point NL. Still an important target group: people who are about to drive to the cycle. Bring it to Umecom and you'll get the bulk of the proceeds. Choice not so difficult. However?

It now continues. Ever loose household goods. Now complete household effects, clearing and everything else that qualifies for 'You & Me Commerce'. Regular channels for (im)movable goods are often opaque or downright unreliable. Selling yourself gives 100% influence and transparency, but is not for everyone.

Umecom is then the 'next best thing'. Still the same principle. Sell, distribute proceeds. You most. We broker. staggered. 100% transparent, so control. No cure no pay. No successful sale? You remain the owner! From painting to refrigerator, from wall unit to car. Hence now Broker. In Movable Property. Umecom 2.0.

You don't feel like, time or space to dispose of your goods responsibly?
We are happy to arrange it for you! Do not hesitate to get in touch !

Marco van Duin.

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