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Highest proceeds Bankruptcy estate

Unburdening through efficient sales, higher yield (than auctioning)
  • Unburdening curators/ bailiffs
  • Years of (online) sales experience
  • Own repair and recovery facilities
  • Transport and storage in-house
  • Yields higher than auctions

The trustees in bankruptcy have the responsibility to compensate creditors as much as possible. This is achieved, among other things, by selling or having sold the estate of the bankrupt, for a maximum yield. In practice, however, we see that trustees in bankruptcy often limit themselves to offering the bankruptcy estate through auctions.

The (online) network and channels that Umecom has been using for years for sales ensure that the reach of the target group/potential buyers is many times greater. This increases the chance of a quick sale as well as a higher yield. This is of course interesting for all parties.

Together with the fact that Umecom completely relieves this aspect of bankruptcy: the estate is transported and stored in-house. The estate is then processed in the same way, with professional photos, thoughtful texts and good keywords. For the most efficient sale, with maximum profit!

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