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Intermediary Sale Car / Boat

Better than Trade-in: the discount on your new boat or vehicle for you instead of seller!
  • The margin that the dealer/seller calculates in your trade-in value (handling, profit) you can earn yourself:
  • If you do not trade in but outsource sales to Umecom, your boat or vehicle will yield about 10% more.
  • If the margin (%) of the dealer on your boat or car is the same/ higher than our brokerage (%): outsourcing:
  • Outsourcing makes sense if your food or vessel will generate a return of at least 5 or 10 thousand euros, respectively.
  • No-cure, no-pay. If the lower limit is not reached, then the commission is cancelled (costs risk Umecom).
  • If you can't do without a car (or boat), you must have the possibility to own (briefly) 2.

Suppose you're considering another car. If it is purchased from a car company or brand dealer, exchange is very efficient. Don't you? Of course, if it is necessary for you to get rid of the trade-in car quickly. But that's the only advantage! And, then, the trade-in value also seems pretty favorable. But, is that so?

It is often overlooked that the presented trade-in value actually consists of a discount on the new car and the purchase price paid for your car. And it won't be very high: costs have to be covered to make your car clean, advertise and sell it. And there's still something to be earned on the trade-in car.

Considering this, selling your own car is always more interesting and gives you more (provided, of course, that you get a discount on the new car). And here again, if you don't feel like it or if you don't have the space or time, then Umecom is the 'next best thing' for your sale. Even minus our brokerage. Your boat/vehicle will yield about 10% more!

(Click for) a calculation example:

Calculation example:

Let's say you have a new car in mind with a price of €35,000. The dealer will make you a proposal, in which you will have to trade in and pay an additional €22,000. Apparently, you get €13,000 back for your car. However, if you buy the new car without a trade-in, you will ask for a discount and will probably be able to purchase the new car for €32,500.

In other words, the dealer made you a proposal, whereby the trade-in car will only earn you €10,500. And, that's the price for which he still has to 'process' your car and make some money on it; your trade-in car will be advertised/sold for €12.500-13.500, so you'll give most of the discount on your new car to the dealer!

Suppose you outsource sales to Umecom. We agree on a lower limit of €12,000, but sell your car for €12,500. In the yield-table of 10.000-25.000 euro, we charge 5% commission. Your car will give you (gross) €11,875, which is net (settlement costs) approximately €11,725. Your car will yield €1,225 more (= approx. 10%)!

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