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Mediation Sale Car / Boat

Better than trading in: the discount on your new boat or vehicle for you instead of for the seller!
  • The margin that the dealer/seller calculates in your trade-in value (handling, profit) you can earn yourself:
  • If you outsource the sale to Umecom, you get 10% more money for your vehicle or boat.
  • If the dealer's margin (%) on your boat or car is the same or higher than our commission (%): outsource:
  • Outsourcing makes sense if your vehicle or vessel will fetch at least 5 or 10 thousand euros respectively.
  • No-cure, no-pay. If the lower limit is not reached, the contract is cancelled (costs are the responsibility of Umecom).
  • If you can't live without a car (or boat), you should have the option (briefly) to own 2.

Suppose you are considering a new car. If you buy it from a car company or brand dealer, it is very efficient to trade it in. Or is it? Of course, if it is necessary for you to get rid of the traded-in car quickly. But that is the only advantage! And, then the trade-in value seems to be pretty favourable too. But, is that really the case?

It is often overlooked that the presented trade-in value actually consists of a discount on the new car and the purchase price that is paid for your car. And that will not be very high: costs have to be covered to make your car presentable, to advertise it and to sell it. And there is still something to be earned on the trade-in car.

Taking this into account, selling a car yourself is always more interesting and gives you more money (provided, of course, that you get a discount on the new car). And here again, if you don't feel like doing it yourself or have the space/time for it, then Umecom is the 'next best thing' for your sale. Even minus our commission. Your boat/vehicle will fetch approx. 10% more!

(Click for) a calculation example:

Calculation example:

Suppose you have your eye on a new car with a price of €35,000. The dealer makes you an offer that involves a trade-in and an additional €22,000. Ostensibly, you get €13,000 back for your car. However, if you buy the new car without trading it in, you ask for a discount and you can probably buy the new car for €32,500.

In other words, the dealer made you an offer, whereby the trade-in car will only earn you €10,500. And, that is the price for which he still has to 'process' your car and earn something on it; your trade-in car will be advertised/sold for €12,500-13,500, thus giving away most of the discount on your new car to the dealer!

Say you outsource sales to Umecom. We agree a lower limit of €12,000, but sell your car for €12,500. In the €10,000-25,000 sales tier, we charge a 5% commission. Your car will fetch you (gross) €11,875, which is net (set off costs) approx. €11,725. Your car will be worth €1,225 more (= about 10%)!

Calculation example folding

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