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Framed Silkscreen EA / Nude (Annemarie de Groot / 1991)



DISCOUNTED! Silkscreen (Epreuve d'Artiste / EA) by Dutch artist Annemarie de Groot *, titled 'Nude' (1991). Expressionistic and colorful. Signature: bottom right. Condition: very neat! Framed behind Glass. dim. incl. Frame (W x D x H) approx. 82 x 2 x 112 cm. We also have an Acrylic on Canvas by Annemarie. Asking price, offer from €400 .

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Annemarie de Groot* - Born: 29-07-1952. Graduated in 1978 from the art academy Minerva in Groningen. A few years later she attended the Oskar Kokoschka Academy in Salzburg. Since her childhood she has been fascinated by the world of circus, theatre, opera and cabaret. We regularly find these themes in her work. Ballerinas, musicians, cabaret figures, animals; they can be seen in a colorful splendor on her canvases, painted in a swirling brushstroke layer upon layer. It also expresses the symbols of life, they are represented in a subtle way, such as the feelings in relationships that people have with each other and are not immediately visible.

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Dimensions 82 × 2 × 112 cm