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Naked Man / Mixed Media (Terry Thompson '13)



DISCOUNTED! Mixed media on Terry Ray Thompson Paper from 2013 (no. 15 of 25). Naked Man, Front/Back. Signed: lower left. Condition: very good! dim. incl. Frame (W x H x D) approx. 83 x 3 x 113 cm. We have more Lithographs, but also (antique) Furniture, Statues, Clocks, etc.: view more advertisements. Asking price, bid from €250.

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Terry Ray Thompson * (Born: Ryan, Texas - 1944). Lives and works in Amsterdam since 1977. Contemporary artist with knowledge of (art) history. Classical myths and visual material from the Renaissance are important sources of inspiration. From the Icarus fall to the anatomical studies of Vesalius, and from Eros (eroticism) to Thanatos (death). Thompson takes examples from the past as a starting point, but draws the universal values ​​to the present. He describes his themes as the basic stuff of life.

His intuitive working method provides an original image, in which Thompson's handwriting is always unmistakable. Mythology, Anatomy and Erotica is an interdisciplinary retrospective of drawings and sculpture. Terry Thompson's works are sometimes narrative, sometimes associative, but it is always a search for connections. The result is poetic, sensual, mystical. His paintings and drawings belong to an emotional world, a world of stories and myths in which the human body is the most important visual element.

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Dimensions 83 × 4 × 113 cm