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Silkscreen (6/45) – Aurochs II (Hans Heijman / 1995)



DISCOUNTED! Silkscreen (6/45) by Dutch painter Hans Heijman*, titled 'Oerossen II' from 1995. Signature: lower right. Condition: very neat! We have more Art, but also (antique) Furniture, Clocks, etc.: view more ads. dim. incl. Frame (W x D x H) approx. 92 x 4 x 81 cm. Asking price, offer from €225 .

Verbum: hans, heijman, heyman, heijmans, heymans, serigraph, lithograph,
graphics, primeval, ox, oxen, aurochs, aurochs, primeval signs, primeval signs, landscape

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Hans Heijman (1951) The work of Hans Heijman, who lives and works in Zaltbommel, is diverse in nature. He not only uses multiple techniques, including: painting, etching, drawing and the manufacture of wood-painted images. He can also take several paths in form. Although he often works figuratively, he can also explore the boundaries between figuration and abstraction. The landscape, life itself with all its sensory experiences are a source of inspiration for this versatile artist. Hans Heijman calls himself a doer, a craftsman, and has a strong need to convert his experiences into images in order to give expression to his life while doing so.

Ideas often arise during the action. Lines, shapes and colors evoke other ideas. Always looking for order, harmony, balance and composition. Shaping a world in which you can live as a person and an artist. And above that hangs unmistakably the music. In recent years he has mainly been involved in drawing and painting. The paintings are often created as a result of drawings. Painting is instant. Paint on the brush and act. This is in contrast to making graphs, which is rather an indirect act. His images are often populated by human figures in imaginary spaces and landscapes, where the bottom can be above. Far away, near. Where light can be dark and truth can be imagination.

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Dimensions 92 × 4 × 81 cm