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Oil on Canvas (25x) – Mondriaan Project (Geus / 2004)



OFFER! Unique: Baking list with 25 loose Works / Still lifes. Oil on canvas by Dutch artist Coren (Corrie) Geus*: 'Mondriaan Project' (2004). Signature: back. Condition: Neat! dim. incl. Frame (W x D x H) approx. 96 x 5 x 96 cm. We have more Art, etc. Purchase value: €22,000! Asking price, offer from €3,000. (incl. book).

Location: Delft. Shipping/delivery within the Netherlands can often be very cheap! Elsewhere in the world is also possible, ask for the possibilities without obligation.

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Coren Geus * (1946) always had an interest in painting. She gained experience by painting together with Olaf Cleofas for 2 years in a studio. The pursuit of the highest attainable purity and beauty is what Coren Geus strives for. She mainly seeks purity in the light, which by definition requires an object, a medium that reflects it. That is why she prefers glass objects.

Geus paints these objects with discipline, usually dishes, bowls and goblets. She gives the light shape and color. With minimal means, Coren Geus proves that light is synonymous with emotion. Even on cold, impenetrable objects she reflects a light that works deeply on the feeling. Together with the art of omission, so that the works radiate tranquility. Compositions are original and therefore also fascinating.

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Dimensions 96 × 5 × 96 cm