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Oil on Canvas / Z-Figure (Jan Grosveld / 1983)



DISCOUNTED! Oil on canvas, titled "Z-Figure" by Jan Grosveld* (1983). Signed: Cloth on the back. Condition: very neat. dim. (W x H x D) approx. 140 x 2 x 170 cm. We have more Art, but also Clocks, Statues, Antiques, etc.: see more ads. Purchase value (demonstrable): €1,000. Asking price, offer from €225.

Verbum: wall, plate, american, wall plate, memorial, geo, blunt, blunts,
balloon, flight, balloon flight, 1816, richmond, america, usa, usa, united states

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Jan Grosfeld* (Valkenswaard, 1956 – Amsterdam, 2019) was a well-known Dutch painter whose work is included in the collections of many leading museums and institutional collections. The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, for example, has a large number of his works. Everything that is not necessary to tell the story has been left out in Grosfeld's work. Without frills or frills, his pictographic abstractions show a road, a human being or an animal, Grosfeld emphasizes, reduced to the essence. It is an essence of desire and despair, of illusion and unattainable promise.

Jan grosfeld about his own work: “because things in life are sometimes so serious that it is a good escape to paint over them, but you can also put things into perspective so that the seriousness is negated. I am not looking for anything specific in my work. The topics present themselves. With overwhelming power. Images or words force themselves on me. I can't get around it. The most important works for me are those that I don't understand at all. In that regard, I believe in surrender. In the surrender to all kinds of spiritual acts, of which painting is one. I believe in the surrender that lies behind hysteria, just as I believe in ecstasy. The paintings are wish images, they are promises. The beauty of a promise is its inaccessibility. That's why I can keep painting endlessly.”

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Dimensions 140 × 2 × 170 cm