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Series of 12 Chinese Characters / Rice Paper (Pan Minjia '97)



OFFER! Beautiful series of 12 framed, ancient Chinese characters. Acrylic on Rice Paper by Pan Minjia (Yunnan Art Institute) from 1997. All framed with black passe-partou in red frame with gold border. dim. incl. Frame (W x D x H) approx. 60 x 3 x 84 cm. Purchase/appraisal value: €9,000. All in very good condition. Asking price, bid from €750 .

Verbum: pan, minjia, minya, minyia, yunnan, institute, china, chinese, shen, tia, yi, ling, dragon,
eagle, chinese, art, painting, signs, antiquity, gods, ancient, signs, character, classical

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Pan Minjia* - Pan Minjia was born in Kunming in 1970 and began his studies at the Yunnan Art Institute in 1987. After graduating there in 1991, he has been a drawing teacher in Kunming. He has been an artist since 1995. The Yunnan Art Institute represents a new painting style, combined with the modern Western consciousness and a classical, Chinese way of painting.

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Dimensions 60 × 3 × 84 cm