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Sales Policy

Especially via Marktplaats .nl, a discussion sometimes arises about the 'purchase'. If someone shows interest, we try to reach a transaction efficiently. Often, however, there is no (follow-up) response from the interested party or it is insufficiently concrete to be able to rely on the intended transaction. 'Ambiguity' arises!


Umecom BV has been working for years as a 'real estate agent' and sells my (higher segment) household effects, art and antiques for third parties, on consignment. We do this for the most part via our websites/online catalogues, whereby advertisements are placed and a substantial part is also sold via Marktplaats .nl.

Our main task is to sell business as efficiently as possible. In other words, if the trajectory with the first interested party does not become concrete (fast enough and sufficiently), we must be able to continue with the next interested party. We do our best to make that clear to everyone and to avoid disappointment and discussions:

Example 1: offer accepted, realization takes too long . Someone makes an offer, which we accept. Correspondence about implementation (collection, sending, payment, etc.) is then initiated. In the final phase, however, the final information (for a conclusive 'who, what, when') is delayed. Uncertainty, so...

In the same final phase, a second bid is made. Because the trajectory with the first bidder is uncertain, that offer is also approved. The rule then applies: first come, first served (the first person to deliver a conclusive 'who, what, when'). To avoid disappointment, we therefore advise a quick, conclusive correspondence.

Example 2: Bid + Acceptance = Agreement . Someone made an offer, which we accepted. However, the question of whether (when) it would be picked up remained unanswered. When we sold the item – after more than a week – to another person, the first interested party came forward and pointed out the legal frameworks:

We regularly refer to an article about the " Legal consequences of making an offer on Marktplaats .nl " (link) of the Rechtswinkel Rotterdam, where this is clearly explained. Marktplaats indicates that a bid is not binding, but the (prevailing) law says otherwise. More about this on " Markplaats / Wilde Westen ".

Example 3: Indicating that there is more interest . Someone asked about the possibilities of viewing. Our response went unanswered for days, the item was sold to someone else. The first interested party still e-mailed, to be disappointed that we did not inform her of other interest.

The point of view is that an interested party should assume that there are (can) be more interested parties. Umecom BV does not see the disclosure of this as added value or obligation. Our sales policy applies to everyone and therefore gives everyone the same opportunity to (be the first) to make a purchase concrete.

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To avoid 'ambiguity' as much as possible, we use the “ WHO, WHAT, WHEN – Policy” for sales:

For a sufficient degree of realization of a transaction or to put an advertisement on 'reserved', the following must be known – in addition to of course the “What” (= item about which there has been contact):

WHO BUYS? Name (preferably also last name)
Address (preferred, anyway if shipped)
Telephone (obligated, for possible necessary contact)

WHEN ? Method (choice pick up / send)
Moment (set date / time)
Payment (choice cash / correct, bank or PIN)


PLEASE NOTE : Without this information, Umecom BV is free to investigate concretization with other interested parties!